Introducing Hook

Print Hook Print presents carefully selected images for you to browse and buy. The work here is available for digital printing on-demand. Each gallery is curated to offer you a choice of images that can be printed in a variety of media. 

Hook Print has been initiated by multi-award winning artist Mark Wood. We currently have around three hundred images to share with you. Purchase with peace of mind and our no quibbles guarantee.

Quick Summary

• We hope you find Hook Print easy to navigate so feel free to browse.

• On the Gallery Page, please select either Ordering from the USA and non-European Union Countries, or Ordering from the UK & other EU Countries depending on your location. This will help to ease any import taxes, and shipping. For example, prints ordered via the USA portal will be printed in San Francisco. Prints ordered from the UK portal will be printed in Scotland.

• We have included a search option to help you find images using keywords. This is found once you’ve chosen your shopping location. Each artwork has keywords carefully applied so that you can search for work using terms such as landscape, rivers et cetera.

• To learn more about browsing and shopping on Hook Print please visit our How to Order page, where you can watch a 3 minute video that explains more.

• Prints are available on a variety of papers and can be framed, unframed, or bonded to metals, or boards.

About Prints

Prints are popular and easy to collect. We’ve created this site to help you find images that reflect your personal tastes. A collection can be many things, the work of famous artists, well known icons, unknown creators, or anonymous places. We’ve created galleries that represent a variety of genres. Establishing a collection of prints is an art in itself. Hook Print has been designed to give quick and easy access to galleries based on themes, such as Americana, or British Landscapes. Our aim is to provide you with a satisfying journey of discovery through the world of Hook Print.

Print On Demand

The craft in art remains important to us, as we continue to explore processes that reveal the tone, colour, form, and texture in the art we present. We work closely with print companies to ensure a high-quality of product and service. The choice of size and media has been set by us so that images only available in the best sizes, and print media, for a specific image. Work is selected on the merits of its concept and execution. We do not charge a premium for our work, because the print runs are not ‘limited’. Historically prints were made in limited editions because printing plates would deteriorate as an edition was made, therefore second edition prints might lack the fidelity of the first run, limiting the amount of prints made. Digital files don’t wear out in production, so they can be printed consistently when needed. However, this does not mean that images available on Hook Print today will still be in our galleries a year from now. From time to time we’ll add new work to the galleries which may replace older work.

Occasionally we’d like to offer prints that can only be produced using analogue techniques, these will only be available in limited editions, as only one print run will be possible. Please follow Hook Print on Twitter, or Facebook for the latest news on our work.

Conservation Of Prints

No doubt you’ll want to display your Hook Print discoveries; exposure to direct sunlight and humidity should be avoided.

Some of our prints are ‘laid-down’; which means that they’ve been bonded to a backing board, or the production process seals them onto metals or acrylics. Loose unbounded prints have a longer archive life than laid-down prints, and historically are more desirable to collectors and art buyers.

Legal Notice

All the work presented on Hook Print has been created by Mark Wood, a British artist living in the United Kingdom, further details are available on request.

Hook Print has been built using the SmugMug service; they provide the online ordering system we use. Your order will be printed either in the USA or United Kingdom depending on your preference. Please be assured that you can purchase with peace of mind and our no quibbles guarantee, to read more on that use this link.

The copyright in Hook Print work belongs to Mark Wood. Purchasing work from Hook Print does not include any permission reproduce its work through any print or electronic means other than via the SmugMug service. To seek license to reproduce Hook Print images please contact us.

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